IVF Backstory

My wife and I, in our mid 30s, have been married for almost seven years at the time of this post. We both have good jobs, our own home, and we have been raising our teenage niece for since she was six. We have everything that we could need and want, except a child of our own. Trying to conceive a child is something that we have done pretty much from the moment we got married.

After about three years with no luck trying the old fashioned way, we decided to both have evaluations completed by a doctor. We both seemed healthy and all of our counts were positive, it just didn’t make any sense. The doctor prescribed Clomid for us to try for a few months. I believe we used this for about 6 months, still no luck. We went back to just praying and trying for the next couple of years, hoping that maybe it just wasn’t our time yet. Our niece was getting older and beginning to join more extracurricular activities, making it hard to find time for ourselves.

October of 2018, still without child, we decided to finally see a fertility specialist. SGF Atlanta is the facility that we chose. After a consultation and some testing, we began our first strategic infertility treatment. We started with IUI treatment. We were extremely hopeful in this procedure to help push us over the hump. The first one failed, then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th attempt. After the fourth attempt, we decided that we would need another approach. The only issue was finance. IVF is not cheap at all, and most insurances do not cover this procedure.

We reached out to a few agencies offering grants for qualifying couples. My wife worked diligently to type up our story, and find the “best pictures” of us. Her hard worked paid off and we were granted $4000 to go towards IVF treatment. That only left about $10k on our end. I didn’t think we would be able to pool that kind of dough, especially after the four IUI treatments. Somehow we made it happen. This was one of the best feelings that ever came across my body. It was like we finally had a real shot at this.

Going into your first IVF you don’t really know what to expect, at least I didn’t. By the time we were about to go in for the egg retrieval, I felt sort of like a nurse with all of the shots I had given my wife over the past couple of months. All of our monitoring appointments, and husbands you need to be at these for support, went extremely well. The egg count was high, the sizes were good, everything looked perfect. We had opted for a fresh transfer, which means 5 days after the retrieval an egg transfer will take place, before they have time to freeze the embryos.

The doctor kept warning us, with egg numbers that high, we may not be able to complete a fresh transfer. On retrieval day we were a little nervous, but we were extremely positive and hopeful. The retrieval went great, the doctor had retrieved well over 20 eggs and started my wife on the next round of medication for the fresh transfer. The count was a little too much on my wife’s body and we had to opt out of the fresh transfer. We were kind of bummed but felt that we should listen to the doctor and play it safe.

Then during all of this process the embryos seemed to dwindle away as they do at each step in the process, and at the end we had four healthy frozen embryos. Finally our transfer day was upon us, I had made pineapple t-shirts to keep us positive. This was the day we finally got to see what our embryo looked like, he looked just like me lol, but it was exciting. The transfer went great, we ate the tradition Mcdonalds fries on the way home. We had a kitchen stocked full of pineapples, and I cut out a core for my wife to eat each day. Two long weeks went by before we had another appointment. We went to the appointment and completed the blood work, a few hours later we got the call. We were finally pregnant. We were both ecstatic. This was the first positive pregnancy test we had ever gotten. At the next appointment a week later though, we found out we had lost it. It was devastating, but we didn’t give up hope. We had three more embryos left, we just had to get the funds up. This is where our story is today, we are going to do our 2nd transfer in about a month.

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